I’m now enrolled in an online sketching class. I’ve always enjoyed painting and drawing, and this is a really satisfying manner of working for me. However, I’ve seen that many of the students are hesitant to share their work. They’ll say things like “this isn’t very good” or “I don’t like this one at all” before each post. The picture is usually amazing – full of life, charm, and character – but all they notice is the perspective error they made early on, or the wobbly line they tried to fix.

We’re all our own harshest critics, which is a cliché, but clichés become clichés because they’re so true.

Do you worry that you have a problem with your background ?

When it comes to our own professional backgrounds, this is undoubtedly the case. Last week, I received an email that sounded like thousands of others I’ve received over the years. This young woman was anxious about her lack of a good university diploma. Because of it, she believed employers were dismissing her.

Lack of the “proper” degree is a typical concern among job seekers, but there are many others: age (too old or too young), experience (too much or not enough), industry (too much or not enough time in any one field), and career gaps are just a few of the concerns people share with me.

My response to all of them is the same: you’re focused on the wrong things, much like the sketchers in my class.

Here’s what matters

No one is flawless, and that is a fact. Every resume will have some flaws, and each of your competitors will be concerned about something in their background.

Stop focusing on the things you lack or the gaps in your knowledge. Instead, concentrate on the positive aspects of your history, talents, experiences, and achievements.

You’ll get results regardless of the problem you’ve been fretting about if you compose a compelling, optimistic, and results-focused resume that explains exactly why you’d make a fantastic employee.

Check out our resume writing articles to learn more about how to achieve this. You’ll be able to put that nagging worry to rest once you discover what’s possible!