Are you looking for a new position? If it’s been a while since you’ve looked for work, there are a few trends to be aware of, particularly when it comes to your resume.

While a standard CV is still necessary, you must also use a more dynamic online approach. You can essentially bring your experience to life through videos, blog posts, infographics, portfolio samples, and other content when you use social media to display your history and talents. The traditional CV and the dynamic social media update work together to make you stand out as a candidate.

If you work in a profession like marketing, design, or technology, this more digitized approach to your CV is extremely significant. It can help you get recognized in fields like banking, accounting, and healthcare because you can give additional data, statistics, and evidence about why you’re the greatest fit for the job. In other words, it aids you in making a stronger and more compelling case.

Some tips to help you

  • Know what to focus on

    When it comes to social networking, certain platforms are more significant to hiring managers than others. LinkedIn is, without a doubt, the most influential. A recruiter or hiring manager will usually go here first to learn more about you.

    As a result, it’s critical to create a compelling online profile, optimise it for the positions you want, and make sure it’s in sync with any hard copy résumé you have. Also, upload and share articles that you’ve written or those others have written, and add your own ideas and opinions. Also, post work examples so that you can utilise your profile as an online portfolio.

  • Think outside the box

    You can post to a variety of social media platforms and establish an online presence. Others, on the other hand, can assist you in selling yourself for a specific position. You could, for example, create a YouTube video describing what makes you an excellent hire. You can also talk about your qualifications and what makes you stand out from other candidates.

  • Be careful of what you say

    Social media is a powerful tool that can help you find work. However, it has the potential to destroy your efforts. Companies typically Google or vet prospects online before calling them in for an interview in today’s tech-driven environment. It can work against you if something unpleasant appears in search results or on social media.

    So, while you may have strong feelings on a subject, keep in mind that a future employer or recruiter will be able to see them and determine whether or not to contact you based on them. Even with privacy settings, anything you share on social media is public. As a result, don’t discuss or say anything you wouldn’t be able to justify in front of a hiring manager.

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